How Google helped to revolutionise SEO standards

In the late 90s, Google came to the scene, evolved from the revolution that Backrub started in search engine optimisation by introducing inbound links relevancy and traffic to the site and the popularity of that website. With this, Google skyrocketed into the leading search industry and launched the best of the best. The history of Google started as a simple, little known engine that paled in comparison to all other engines in the beginning the of its introduction to the World Wide Web and started its ascent into mainstream when it became the leading engine for Yahoo after being largely something that Inktomi did for the website. Because of this, it allowed Google to skyrocket with its quick searches in organic results and an algorithm that has only been built up and has never been changed significantly.

    Its during this time that many SEO contents were created with the idea that, if users were travelling to the site, then that must mean that the site must be very popular. Through this, Wellington SEO agency was revolutionised and it has still been maintained today. It became a race to acquire as many links as possible in the hopes of ranking higher and links became a heavily abused tactic that Google would have to address in coming years. It was also during this time that users were also able to pay to place their contents in the first pages of google’s search page. Over time however, Google began to refine its search engine and began to punish and cull those that chose to spam their site in order to get high in the search game.